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Why  we  are  different........

The Logical Interface is not just another importer of educational equipment. We design and make our own equipment and continue to expand our locally produced products.

We understand teachers needs. The manager, Phil Jones, has taught physics, IT and science in Europe and in Australia. He has been a lecturer in the DipEd program at Sydney Institute of Education (Sydney University). He has a BSc(HONS), MSc(HONS), DipEd. He writes software in Visual Basic, C++ and Java Script. Phil is the author of many of the software titles sold through TLI. and regularly presents workshops to schools and universities around Australia.

We understand the needs of industry. Our electronics guru is Steve Laurence. Steve has worked for Cochlea and BP Solar. He has a BEng(HONS). A number of the interfaces and sensors sold through TLI were designed and built by Steve.

We have an international focus. Our products are in use in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and North America and we are one of only two companies chosen by the NSW Department of Education against the major providers to supply data loggers to NSW schools.